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Digital Control Liquid Filling Machine

Digital Control Liquid Filling Machine

Technical P arameter Working power supply: 220V/110V universal Power: 20W Time delay range: 0.01s ~ 999.9s Count range: 1 to 99999 times Working mode: power delay, data program settings. Display mode: on the filling time, discharge intermittent time display, row count display. Outline dimension:...

Detailed description

Technical Parameter

Working power supply: 220V/110V universal

Power: 20W

Time delay range: 0.01s ~ 999.9s

Count range: 1 to 99999 times

Working mode: power delay, data program settings.

Display mode: on the filling time, discharge intermittent time display, row count display.

Outline dimension: 280*250*160mm

Weight: 5kg

Filling head diameter: 2mm (optional 2mm, 4mm)

Flow: maximum flow 80ML/ minutes

Filling accuracy: 99% or more


  • This machine is suitable for mass production of the same product.

  • Can be applied to bottles of the same diameter and height.

  • The host is equipped with frequency control.

  • Can be widely used in industries such as medicine and cosmetics.

  • Full compliance with GMP standards, higher filling accuracy.

  • The material and chassis in contact with the liquid are high quality stainless steel.

  • All electrical accessories use well-known brands.

  • With temperature control panel, it can heat density oil for easy filling.

  • Use wooden or tray packaging to reduce unnecessary damage.


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