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Automatic Bag Filling And Packing Machine

                     Automatic Bag Filling And Packing Machine for Tea Or Herb 

Detailed description

2-99g Automatic bag filling and packing machine for herb

This machine has spiral feeder with it . 

If your material is herb, it is much better for you to choose this machine .


This machine is mainly characteristic; Fully automatic packaging effect, using white paint appearance Neat and clear the high-end, suitable for plant, shop, outdoor, etc. Install a vibrator inside the machine, can make the machine at the time of packing powder won't stick. Can be combined with a variety of packaging machine connection work. Speed of a pack of about 3 seconds, depending on the different items, the high quality product. While the machine for two combined into fully automatic packaging machine, the above the little table packer can also take off packing weighing other goods, also can use below that, which is the biggest advantage of this combination, can also as a fully automatic, can also be as semi-automatic.

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