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Bottle Date Code Printer

                          Date Printer Glass Bottle or Plastic Bottle Coding Machine

NOTE: the following is the video about this machine:


1)YSYM-600B Date of ink printing machine is an environment-friendly(Desktop round plate) machine which was designed according to market needs.Imitation coding effect of semi-automatic code printing machine is the latest development coder:

2)The machine has following advantage:reasonable design,unique structure,stepless,reliable performance,simple and lightweight, and fast printing speed ,beautiful and clear writing ;

3, Can be widely used in food, canned food, beverages, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries on the product ex-factory date coding assurance of a code, batch coding, bar code coding, pattern coding;

4, any parts of the uneven surface of the printing on metal, plastic, glass, enamel, film, nylon bags, eggs and other products.

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