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Date Printer Glass Bottle or Plastic Bottle Coding Machine

                     Date Printer Glass Bottle or Plastic Bottle Coding Machine

NOTE: the following is the video about this machine:

1)YSYM-600B Date of ink printing machine is an environment-friendly(Desktop round plate) machine which was designed according to market needs.Imitation coding effect of semi-automatic code printing machine is the latest development coder:

2)The machine has following advantage:reasonable design,unique structure,stepless,reliable performance,simple and lightweight, and fast printing speed ,beautiful and clear writing ;

3, Can be widely used in food, canned food, beverages, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries on the product ex-factory date coding assurance of a code, batch coding, bar code coding, pattern coding;

4, any parts of the uneven surface of the printing on metal, plastic, glass, enamel, film, nylon bags, eggs and other products.

5,note: this coding printer can only print 1 line .


Adjusted the time what you need to print, pour the amount of ink to the oil cup (2/3), add a few drops of thinner uniform, and then adjust the height of the stand of the good care printing products and good positioning, If there is leak ink, adjust the four small screws on the oil cup slowly to reach balance until the printed pattern clearly . When testing,please adjusted the speed as slow as possible, so as not to avoid damage to the oil cup plastic head. Template need to be cleaned after use to prevent the ink to dry affecting the next use.

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