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electric Beer Can Sealer

           Electric  Can Sealing Machine for can or jar or bottle 

Mouth of the seamer is suitable for all kinds of round tins, PET plastic cans, paper cans and other cans sealing.

Quality is reliable,r ruffled even no fold, no leakage.Easy operation and lighter, the use of lighting power supply, one person can complete the operation.This electric seamer compared with the traditional pedal lever can sealing machine,Can sealing efficiency was improved greatly,reduce the labor intensity of workers,and reduce the defective product caused by human factors,is the ideal equipment of food and beverage industry, a necessary.

This equipment is my company integrating bring up different industry machine is difficult,In the most simple way to achieve the ideal sealing effect,Especially suitable for small business or individual stores use!Covers an area of small, easy to operate, the price is cheap!

This production is applicable to all kinds of circular iron, glass, plastic cans sealing,Quality is reliable, easy to operate and lighter, it is the ideal equipment of food and beverage industry, a necessary.

The main technical parameters:

Production capacity:10 to 15 / min

To adapt to the range:Tank diameter from 45 to 150 mm

Tank high: 39-200mm(greater than the size of the tank, need to custom.)

The spindle speed: 620 v/min 520 v/min

Dimension: 600 * 320 * 700 mm

Equipment: about 65 kg

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