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Electric Ribbon Coding Printer HP-241B

Electric Ribbon Coding Printer

Note: the following link is the video about this machine

Equipment Model: HP-241B type (printable 1-3 line, sending ribbon a)

Printed material requirements: Material To soft, not to hard materials, the thickest not more than 4 mm

Equipment Introduction

HP-241B Hot code printer series desktop semi-automatic printing machine, widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries printing production date, batch number, weight and so on. The aircraft introduced in Japan hot coding technology, using thermal printing ribbon instead of ink printing in a variety of flexible packaging material (except metal material) printed on a clear character, the aircraft hit the code clear and indelible, the volume small, light weight, easy to operate, simple to use, easy maintenance, hygienic printing is an economical way.

Equipment Features

Using thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination worries, to ensure that products, hand and mechanical hygiene and clean. Especially for food, pharmaceutical and other industries

Automatic continuous printing, you can also control the foot switch. Rational design, precision machining, high-quality quality assured to make users easy maintenance.

Unique word structure, convenient to take special handling for word structure, flexible packaging materials in any code.

Thermostatic control, temperature adjustable for different materials and ribbons. Print writing clear, instant printing and instant dry, strong adhesion, clean nonstick.

Fan can be widely used for paper, cardboard, leather, plastic film, shrink film, aluminum foil and other materials on print production date, batch number, date of manufacture, origin, weight, price, size, composition, distributors and manufacturers.

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