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Electric Stapler Book Binding Machine

                 Electric Stapler Book Binding Machine Single Head 

The following link is video for electric stapler:

Electric Stapler

Product Description

1. Binding thickness: 2-50 sheets(70g)

2. Saddle and flat stitching adjustable. Dual functions. Stitching depth: 100mm(3.9inch).

3. You can operate one machine or operate several machines synchronously by connecting them together.

4. Safety foot switch included.

5. If Two machines work together. Two staplers come out on one time stitching. Over 60 stapling/min.

6. Easy switch between saddle and flat stapling mode by plugging or unplugging the foot switch

7. Power on/off with indicating light

8. Flat stapling mode (foot switch unplugged): automatic start when paper touches one of the trigger switches.

9. 210 staplers containable on the stapler container.

10. Adjustable stapling pressure (force). 9 different pressures adjustable.

11. Safety switch protects operator when front cover is open.

12. Synchronous binding by several machines is applicable.

13. Package dimension: 20 ''x 12'' x 6"

14. Package weight: 15 lbs

15. Power: 110V/220V available

16.Staple request: 66/6, 66/8

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