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FR900 Vertical Plastic Film Sealing Machine+Date Printing+Seal Belt

FR900 Vertical Plastic Film Sealing Machine+Date Printing+Seal Belt 

Plastic Film Sealing Machine+Vertical Sealing+Date Printing+Seal Belt


Work on plastic bag of Polyethylene, Polypropylene & Polyolefine Compounds in all sizes.


It has strong sealing seam and can be sealing with length unlimited.
Rugged Powder Coated All-Metal Construction
Sealing belts are oriented horizontally to allow for easy access and high throughput.
Max loading weight of 3 KGS is ideal for most consumer good. Sealing speed and temperature adjustable with film thickness to ensure sealing quality.
Electronic constant temperature mechanism
Stepless speed regulating transmission motor
Flexible height and wide changed with packet size, code date ,batch number.


Max.Sealing Width (mm): 14 
Film Thickness (mm): 0.03-0.80 
Max. Sealing Speed (meters/per min): 12 
Max.Temperature Range (Degree C): 300 
Conveyor Size (mm):  L 775 x W 140 
Max. Conveyor Load (kg):  3.0 
Power Consumption (w): 600 
Overall Size (mm): L810 x W370 x H320 
Net Weight (kg): 25 
Gross Weight (kg): 35
The semi-automatic plastic bag sealing machine has two type:                                                                                             

FR900: when seal plastic bag, let mouth of bag  on horizontal position.
FR900V: when seal plastic bag, let mouth of bag upward.

When you buy the machine, the easy demage part will also sent to you for free. Such as the sealing belt and cam belt.
Accessories: Power line,lettering box, sealing belt, guiding belt, protective tube, screwdriver,adjust machine of the sealing width.

Product Pictures 

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