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How to buy edible oil filling machine products

Edible oil filling machine gradually appear in a large number of oil enterprises, the more famous Luhua, West King, Arowana and other brands of edible oil are also edible oil filling machine produced. Filling machine plays an important role in the production, select the appropriate edible oil filling machine directly affect the product quality and production efficiency, so become the major companies have to pay attention to a topic.

Different regions of the domestic enterprises have a unique production requirements and characteristics, so the choice of edible oil filling machine must also choose their own type of production. Filling machine from the filling method can be divided into three categories, the user if the filling machine is not professional technical knowledge, you can choose through these three points.

Flowmeter Filling Machine is a common filling method for edible oil filling machine. On each filling valve there is a high-precision electronic flowmeter, by measuring the volume of material to achieve quantitative filling. The advantages of this filling method is safe and hygienic, modify the parameters is very convenient.

Weighing filling machine is mainly used for large-capacity material filling, and a wide range of applications. The working principle is based on the filling capacity to set the weighing value, and then filling the value and weighing the value of comparison, and then filling process. The advantage is high filling accuracy, and not affected by the external environment.

Volumetric filling is also done by setting the volume of the filling material and the volume to be filled. When the two are the same, stop filling. However, this type of filling machine by the environment and the characteristics of the oil itself is large, affected by the temperature of edible oil will occur in volume changes, thus affecting the filling accuracy.