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Labeling Machine Packaging Machinery from Yason

                Round Bottle Labeling Machine Flat Surface Labeling Machine 

Our company is a professional manufacturer of packing machines ,such as filling machine & labelling machine & capping machine & bag packing machine ,etc.

We supply round bottle labeling machine


1. Suitable for labeling round bottle in different sizes.

2. Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.

3. Putting the bottle to orientation part by manual and fix the bottle;

4. all metal are made of 304 stainless steel with surface finishing and special treatment, which we can guarantee you very good quality

5. small size labeling machine, very easy to operate

And Flat Surface Labeling Machine 

Flat bottle label sticker machine is for various kinds of products labeling, there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid.

1.flat bottle label sticker machine is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed , label result is accuracy , no less than 0.2 mm

2, the special eye, can also make sure the high accuracy of the machine,

3, the machine is with microcomputer control, auto calculus, no not need to adjust the photoelectric position,

4, large adjustable range,


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