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Manual Desktop Vial Capping Machine Vial Crimping Machine

     Desktop Vial Capping Machine for Flip Off Cap or Tear Off Cap or Aluminum Cap

Note: One crimper can only be used for one size of cap . 

When you place the order, please let us know what kind of crimper you want :

1, YS-DT-20A crimper for 20mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

2, YS_DT-20 crimper for 20mm aluminum cap

3, YS-DT-13A crimper for 13mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

4, YS-DT-13 crimper for 13mm aluminum cap

5, YS-DT-15A crimper 15mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

6, YS-DT-15 crimper for 15mm aluminum cap





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