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Mill Herb Grinder Powder Grinder

                              HK-08B Automatic Hammer Mill Herb Grinder,Pulverizing Machine,3 Filter Bags


1: precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust,clean, simple operation, beautiful shape, both power and safe and so on.

2: Crush groove and the blade of whole stainless steel,the body of aluminum alloy,the real high-speed high-power motors,it reaches to 25000(r/m)

3: grinding range:salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,tobacco,herbs and so on.Takes only 10-15seconds,can be completely to powder,for the coffee powder, it can melt into water immediately.

4: lifespan:generally speaking, it can be used for 8-10years even longer.

Advantage:it is more convenient and save effort,the effect is completely powder.

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