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Perfume Spray Cap Sealing Machine

           Perfume Crimping Machine For Perfume Spray Cap 


Pneumatic Perfume Capping Machine is kind of machine which used in capping various perfume bottles. It is compose of two main devices: capping system and pneumatic control. This machine serves air compression as power producer, taking advantage of air compression to achieve efficient one-time sealing.


Beautiful appearance and compact structure 

Even cap closing with good sealing performance

Accurate cap positioning without abrasion of the surfce

Pneumatic control is adopted. Convenient operation and maintenance.

Note: Capping head can be customized according to the size of the nozzle.

Technique Parameter

Seal with the Diameters (mm): 14.5   17   20   21.5

Physical Size (mm): 400 * 450 * 700 

Production (time/points): 15

Weight (kg): 29 

Applicable Objects: cosmetics class for chemical industry

The Selection Bar Oral

The Contraction Nozzle Size (mm):15.75 ---- 16.3

The Contraction Nozzle Size (mm):18.5 ---- 19.5

The Contraction Nozzle Size (mm): 20.8 ---- 21.2

Product Pictures