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PET Strapping Tools For Pallets, Bales, Crates, Cases, Various Packages

DD160 Battery-powered PET Strapping Tools for pallets, bales, crates, cases, various packages

The following is the video about this pet strapping tool:

1. For PET strap with width of 13mm & 16mm

2. Max power: 2000N

3. Model: DD160

4. Electro motion

5. Weight: 4Kg

The new battery plastic strapping tools are distinguished by a high reliability of operation. They are user friendly and comply with the European Safety Regulations EN 415-8.

Equipped with a reinforced motor and the new Lithium-Ion battery technology they permit a highly efficient operation of the tools in all industries.

The tools are available for use with Polyester - and Polypropylene-strapping with widths from 13 mm up to 16 mm.

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