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Screw Capping Machine

                                      Portable Pneumatic Capping Machine   
Capper, Capping tool, Screw Capping machine

Hand-held pneumatic capping machine widely applicable to any thread of open or tighten screw cap, it has a wide range of screw cap from bottle height, shape, size, weight and unscrew cover can twist the cap, easy operation, low fault rate,low prices, and other features, is the best tighten screw cap...etc. Especially suitable for large bottle, and heavier or bottle shapes, or lid specification more bizarre twist, often change of covering.

Technical Parameters
Capping Scope (mm): 10-50mm
Capping Speed: 30 bottles/min
Host 0.6 kg/net 1.1 kg
Gas Pressure: more than 4.5 kg/kg/cm2, less than 62,000 cm2
YongQiLiang 0.08 m3/min
Speedy Connector: 1/4 inches
The clutch is adjustable.

This capping machine includes the following parts: 
1, 1pcs main capping machine
2, 2pcs metal chucks
3, 1pcs 10-20mm rubber chuck, 1pcs 20-30mm rubber chuck, 1pcs 30-40mm rubber chuck, 1pcs 40-50mm rubber chuck

Product Pictures