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Semi-Auto Capsule and Table Counting Machine

             Semi-Auto Capsule and Table Counting Machine

Please ask us for the manual and operation video if you need it! 

The following is the video about the capsule counting machine:



  Counting Machine for pharmaceutical, hospitals, food and other industries, capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs or food counting. It is small, light weight, count is accurate, easy to operate. Count items contact surfaces are made of stainless steel, are all relevant sectors bottled , bagged , can counting the soft capsule,hand capsules,tablet and others. 





1) This machine is used by pharmacy,hospital, food industry,which can count,bottle,bagging for capsule,grain.


2) This machine have a lot of virtue,for example little volume,weight,noise and count of nicety ,easy to operate,maintain.


3) The parts touching  are made from stainless steel,which guarantee the packed goods clean and follow the requirement of GMP


4) The special machine is very suitable to above purpose.


5)The machine makes use of electromagnetic vibration.


While bottle is placed at exit,pills automatically enter it through counting plate with electric 



Otherwise counting-plate keep stopping. It is convenient and hortcut to 

replace different type of counting-plate,and need not further adjustment. 

This machine is most mini,advanced,good looking,cheap esall of counting  machine in our country.



♦Technical Parameters♦ 


1. Applicability:tablet,pill,capsule;


2.The number of hole on counting board:100 pcs;(can be customized)


3.The range of counting:1~100pcs/time;




5.Power supply: 220V,550W


6.Size: 60×50×70(cm)






counting machine.png


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