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Surface Labelling Machine for Flat Surface

             Labelling Machine LT-60 for Flat Surface

Characteristics of Machine

Flat bottle label sticker machine is for various kinds of products labeling, there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid.


1.flat bottle label sticker machine is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed , label result is accuracy , no less than 0.2 mm

2, the special eye, can also make sure the high accuracy of the machine,

3, the machine is with microcomputer control, auto calculus, no not need to adjust the photoelectric position,

4, large adjustable range,


Biggest Strength of Flat Bottle Label Sticker Machine

1 a variety of specifications bottles and lid, wide range;

2 label synchronous positioning system, ensure that tag location accuracy to 0.2 mm high positive and negative;

3 the operation is simple, anyone can all easy operation quick use equipment.

Voltage : AC220V 50/60HZ 

Power : 120W

Labeling precision : ±0.2

Container Size range:

length : 30-300 mm 

width : 30-150 mm   

height: 50-350 mm 

Label size range 

width : 30-120 mm

length : 30-120 mm

The biggest label supply : 300 mm in diameter,paper roll diameter 76 mm

Label speed :60 bottles/points

Warranty :  1 year 

Service: our technic service is permanent

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