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The characteristics of today's filling machinery

1 versatile

The same equipment, can be tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and fruit juice drinks and other drinks hot filling; can be glass bottles and polyester bottles filling. Speed, high-volume carbonated beverage filling machine filling speed up to 2000 cans / min, Germany KHS company, SEN company, KRONES company, the filling machine filling valve reached 165, 144, 178. Non-carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50-100 head, filling speed up to 1500 cans / min.

2 high technical content, high reliability

Full range of self-control level and high efficiency across the board. On-line detection device and measurement device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters, accurate measurement. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products continue to emerge.

3 sets of supply capacity

Such as a beverage filling line, by the micro-computer parts, control software, filling and sealing package combination, the combination of real productivity and theoretical technology. Vendors can provide users with engineering design, installation, commissioning, and finally to the user acceptance. For example: Shenyang Dongtai packaging machinery design is the general use of simulation design technology to a variety of machine units in the form of database into the computer, the drawings digitized into the computer, and then the actual production of indicators and data, possible failures, etc. input computer , And then by the engineers in accordance with the actual work of the operation, demonstrate the production capacity, scrap rate, the production process to match the bottleneck of the production line, etc., but also according to user comments to modify the model until the user satisfaction.