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200L Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool Is For 200-liter (53 Gallon) Drum/barrel

                        200L Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool is for 200-liter (53 gallon) drum/barrel

Hand-operated Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool


Size: 2" and 3/4" 

Cap Diameter (mm): 70 & 35

Dimension (mm): 100(66)*400

Supply in pair for Standard Cap Seals

Cap Diameter:

(50 mm) [cap outer diameter 70 mm ]

(19mm) [cap outer diameter 35 mm ]

Material: high-quality tool steel


This sealing equipment is mainly made of tool steel in excellent quality, with the advantages of reasonable structure & tight sealing & heavy-duty & easy operation. Users only need to adjust the position nut before using. Both with 16 hardened jaws give unrivaled security and perfect wrinkle-free sealing.

This tool is widely used in cap-making & drum-making & can-making & lubricant and paint-manufacturing & chemical & petroleum & grain&oil and other liquid packaging industries.

.200L Drum Cap Sealing Tool Barrel Crimping Tool

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