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25-999g Particle Filling Machine For Grain Seed Tea Particle Granuale Powder

                 25-999g Particle Filling Machine For Grain Seed Tea Particle Granuale Powder

Suitable for items:

granules,medicinal herbs, coffee, Chinese traditional medicine, tea, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, Chinese wolfberry, rice, gourmet powder, salt, spices, beans, specialty, dry goods, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, because too much our repackaging item only briefly about it.

The main features of this machine:


Package : Wooden Box

Range: 25-999g

Speed: 10-20bags/minute

Voltage: 220v/110v (optional)

Power Consumption: 200W

Accuracy : 1-5g 

This machine is made of :  stainless steel

Hopper size;: 32*32*40cm (L*W*H)

Machine Oveall Size:  38*55*90CM

Weight: 38kg 


1 year warranty and permanent technic service


Multi-functional packaging, suitable for many types of goods, stainless steel housing, the appearance of fine high-end. Whole intelligent design, simple operation, with a new foot switch discharge operation more convenient and durable, sophisticated sensors quantitative, three level vibration cutting, adjustable, microcomputer control board more durable energy conservation, the use of four casters for easy bottom moving, fast, error is small, high performance, filling, bag, about one minute 10-20 different items depending on the package may be, 25-999g quantitative, between the number of pro-grams according to their needs PC board above setting adjustment. 2-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.