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Desktop Vial Capping Machine For Flip Off Cap Or Tear Off Cap Or Aluminum Cap

         Desktop Vial Capping Machine for Flip Off Cap or Tear Off Cap or Aluminum Cap

Note: One crimper can only be used for one size of cap . 

When you place the order, please let us know what kind of crimper you want :

1, YS-DT-20A crimper for 20mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

2, YS_DT-20 crimper for 20mm aluminum cap

3, YS-DT-13A crimper for 13mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

4, YS-DT-13 crimper for 13mm aluminum cap

5, YS-DT-15A crimper 15mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminum cap)

6, YS-DT-15 crimper for 15mm aluminum cap





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