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Double Heads Dosing And Fillling Machine For Powder Or Particle

               Multi-function Double Heads Dosing and Fillling Machine for Powder or Particle

The new system computer board.Custom adapted more durable and stable convenient, advanced technology, more reliable, mature and professional technology

Suitable for items:

Fine powder;Flour, milk powder, plaster, chemical powder, powder, coffee powder, powder, coarse powder, granule, tieguanyin, medicinal herbs, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grain crops, Chinese wolfberry, rice, gourmet powder, salt, spices, beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components


Function of machine :

1.Two heads fill at a time

2.Use this machine can fill two kinds of material at a time

3.Set different filling grams

4.Set fill at a time

5.Then this machine can fill out two kinds of material,they can mix

6.Also can use this machine fill one type material

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