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Electric Stapler Book Binding Machine Office Book Stapler

                              Electric Stapler Book Binding Machine

Double Head Electric Stapler, bookbinding machine, saddle binder


This model is double online, to play two nail at a time, high efficiency saves the manpower, one can control two machines at the same time the injection operation. Also can use do flat nails.

Unique design nail is suitable for flat and saddle stitching method binding document, which can be used for more than a single or continuous synchronization, time, improve the production power, make the binding work more convenient, simple and easy.

Product features:

1, binding thickness from 2 to 50 paper (80 g);

2, horse riding, flat nail adjustable depth 100 mm;

3, can be used for more than a single or series synchronization;

4, additional safety pedal switch.

5, margin of two arbitrary adjustable, hit two order at a time, one minute to play more than 60.

6, two modes: flat/saddle stitching convertible

7, switch on/off the power switch, indicator light

8,foot switch, saddle stitching start, start: flat touch switch.

9, tinker bell high strength screw head, high quality and durable.

10, nail box nail needle can carry 210

11, sets binding pressure knob, can be controlled by light to heavy 9 period of nailing force.

12, supporting board in accordance with the needs of: flat and saddle stitching, and adjust the Angle on both sides of the attached side bar gauge.

13, open circuit protection safety cover.

14, can machine attachment more binding.

15, can string a few head for synchronous nail needle, does not occupy a space, increase the work efficiency greatly.

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