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FR-770 Automatic Horizontal Bag Sealing Machine Stainless Steel

             Name:FR-770 automatic horizontal bag sealing machine stainless steel




1.FR770 series automatic plastic film sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device can control a variety of different shapes of plastic film tape, in a variety of packaging lines supporting the use of sealing length is unlimited. 


2.The sealing machine can be equipped with wheels and embossing printing wheel, with the need to replace the fonts can be printed on the seal while the date of manufacture, shelf life, shelf life and other signs, sealing and marking legible and beautiful patterns.


3.Printing can be a complete seal, date, batch number with the need to replace, easy to use, in line with article Food Sanitation Law. 


4.The automatic film sealing machine for pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, cosmetic, 

lubricating oil and other industries foil bags, plastic bags, composite bags sealing, the sealing device has a solid, high efficiency; simple and compact structure, small size; 

shape appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption; operation and easy maintenance, etc., is an ideal sealing machinery. 




1.The machine can be horizontal .


2.This machine is made of stainless steel .



♦Parameter Date♦


Operation: Electronic variable speed

Temperature control: electronic thermostat control

Printing method: Stamps

Power: 220V/50Hz 500W

Seal products speed :0-12m / min

Seal products Thickness :0.02-0 .80 mm

Seal width :6-10mm

Sealing length: 0 - infinity

Transporting loads: <5kg

Temperature range :0-300 ℃

Dimensions: 810 *370 *320mm

Weight: 26kg

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