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HK-88B Multi-Function Pill Making Machine Pill Maker For Large Pill

                         HK-88B Multi-function Pill Making Machine

The following link is the video about this machine :


1. For water pill,paste pill,concentrated pill,water-honeyed pill 

2. Pill diameter option :  16mm or 19mm or 23mm 

Please mind we only give 1 set mould die for one size for free .

When you place the order , please let us know the size you want .

If you want extra mould dies , you need to purchase the mould die additionally .

3. Capacity: 10~30kg/h


Introduction and Features:

Multi-function pill making machine has some advantages: such as small size, low power consumption, high efficiency, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, running safe and reliable. It not only can produce the pill, water pill, paste pill, concentrated pill, water-honeyed pill and foods and so on, but also can coat, polish and dry the pills. This machine is suitable for the clinic, pharmacy, ambulant clinic, hospital and pharmaceutical, laboratory, TCM institute, TCM scientific research unit and TCM Pharmacy.

1.Running stability, simple operation, easy cleaning and disassembly. The parts that contacted with drug are made of stainless steel, it meets the GMP standard.

2.Working continuously, and cooking into a pill, the pill is optical round and uniform size, without filtering.

3.Well sealed, reducing the opportunity for drugs contamination.

4.The passing rate of making pill is very high.




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