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Newest Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine Label Sticking Applicator

               Newest Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine Label Sticking Applicator 

The Following is the video about this machine :

Product Model: YS-L100

Applied Range

1. Pressure-sensitive adhesive labels on Round bottle, round jar or cylinder

2. Suiable for round bottles like PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, etc

3. Widely used in Cosmetics, Beverage, foodstuff, food, medical industries. Rapidely raise the production efficiency, and the label quality. 


Product Advantage

1. Suitable for labeling the cylinders at 20-100 mm diameter.

2. The label accuracy is high. The deviation of end to end is ≤±0.5mm

3. The machine is working only by hand without electricity.

4. The transparent label is also suitable for the machine.

Product Pictures