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Particle Filling Machine With Spiral Tunnel

                         Particle Filling Machine with Spiral Feeder

This particle filling machine is specially used for weighing and filling tea or herb .Its special spiral feeding design can work with tea or herb easily .

A filling machine can be used to dosing particles, granules, powders.


Repackaging many kinds items, use multiple spiral packing weighing, work more evenly in the process BuKa material, but with various membrane unit work, using infrared reflection principle, induction block feeding, more convenient to operate.In addition the machine adopts the multi-function packer heightening version can be separated into two different 2 - 100 grams, between grams can be arbitrary regulation.About 15 minute package - 20, precision around 0.2 g, depending on different items.

This machine is widely used in:

All kinds of powder, tea, grain, grain, medicinal herbs, seeds, spices, monosodium glutamate, sesame seeds, salt, beans, rice, chemical raw materials, electronic components, hardware components, and so on.

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