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Pillow Bag Packing Machine, Back-sealed Bag Packing Machine

       2-200g pillow bag packing machine for  rice, peanuts, tea, seeds,medicine, sugar

The following is the video link about this machine :

Application of tea bag packing machine :

This machine is mainly used for packing granular type,such as tea, peanut, etc.


Advantage of tea bag packing machine :

This machine adopts advanced technology, and Microprogrammed Control Unit, High precision.

This machine  is the good hand in the tea processing industry.


Technical parameter of  tea bag  packing machine :

Item no: YS-PW200

Packing Material: bean, rice, grain,tea, food, powder, granule, particle.

Working voltage: 220v or 110v 

Power: 200W 

Speed: 15-20bags/min

Filling range: 2-200G

Dimension: 43x51x140cm 

This machine is made of 304 stainless steel .

Bag width : 8cm (we can customize the width)

Bag length: 0-15cm adjustable

Sealed type : pillow-type , back-sealed type 

Warranty : 

1 year warranty and permanent technic service

Product Pictures:




back seal bag.jpg

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