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Weighing And Filling Machine For Particle Or Powder

                              Weighing and Filling Machine for Particle or Particle

Can automatic weighing and filling.

Suitable for filling fine powder;flour, milk powder,spice,coffee,bean,tea,seed and chemical components, electronic components, hardware components,etc

This filling machine is mainly characteristic:

Modified racking machine, can be separated into fine powder, different can achieve powder will not stick to weighing hopper.Can automatic weighing and measuring the repackaging, muti_function change packing, suitable for goods sort is more, stainless steel shell, well-presented and high-end.All intelligent design, simple operation, infrared induction switch induction block feeding, quantitative precision sensor, 3 levels vibration cutting, adjustable, microcomputer motherboard is more durable and energy saving, quick speed, small error, high performance, filling, bag, a minute about 10-20 package depending on different items, quantitative, 10 g - 100 - g grams close between people according to their own needs in the computer board set above regulation.1 years warranty, life-long maintenance.

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