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Yogurt Bottle Filling Machine

                 Manual Filling Machine (5~50ml) for Cream & Shampoo & Cosmetic

The following link is the video about manual filling machine :


The Manual Filling Machine is specially designed by our factory for medium or small size enterprises, laboratory, hospital or beauty parlor in daily use chemical section. Its configuration is compact, acts agility and easy to use, all the parts which dip in the material are made of stainless steel and polytetrafluorethylene.

Technological parameter

Model: YS-A03

Material of Machine: Stainless steel 304 

Filling Range (ml): 5-50

Capacity of Hopper (kg): 10 

Net Weight (kg): 13 

Gross Weight (kg): 17

Height Range (mm): 200

Bottle Diameter Range (mm): 3-15

Filling Material: cream , shampoo, paste, oil, soft-drink ,liquid , etc 

Machine Size (mm): 270x270x700 

Packing Size (mm): 340×360×790

Nozzles (pcs): 2 (5mm/8mm)

0-Ring (pcs): 1set sufficient for 1 year 

Guide Manual (pcs): 1 

Hexagon (pcs): 2 

Screwdriver (pcs): 1 

Warranty : 1 year

Technical Service : Permanent



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