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Fr-900 Continuous Bag Sealing Machine

Fr-900 Continuous Bag Sealing Machine

Specification Max.Sealing Width (mm): 14 Film Thickness (mm): 0.03-0.80 Max. Sealing Speed (meters/per min): 12 Max.Temperature Range (Degree C): 300 Conveyor Size (mm): L 775 x W 140 Max. Conveyor Load (kg): 3.0 Power Consumption (w): 600 Overall Size (mm): L810 x W370 x H320 Net Weight (kg):...

Detailed description


Max.Sealing Width (mm): 14 
Film Thickness (mm): 0.03-0.80 
Max. Sealing Speed (meters/per min): 12 
Max.Temperature Range (Degree C): 300 
Conveyor Size (mm):  L 775 x W 140 
Max. Conveyor Load (kg):  3.0 
Power Consumption (w): 600 
Overall Size (mm): L810 x W370 x H320 
Net Weight (kg): 25 
Gross Weight (kg): 35

Continuous plastic sealing machine has the functions of continuous handling, sealing and printing integration. It can be horizontal, vertical and with bracket. The machine adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism and speed adjustment transmission mechanism to seal various plastic films. material. Suitable for all kinds of pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food, cosmetics, pesticides and special industry seals.

Product description

This sealer has made some improvements in design material and structure, and its stability and service life are better than other specifications.
1: The module uses a copper heating and cooling system: the copper heating block can be heated more quickly and evenly, which not only improves the working efficiency of the sealing machine, but also improves the sealing quality.
2: Integrated motor and gearbox integrated motor: This motor currently has a proprietary motor, motor and gearbox integrated structure, and the variable speed motor solves the common intermediate coupling wear problem, thus reducing the small motor and The load on the gearbox makes the machine more durable, with high stability and low noise.
3: The machine adopts chain conveyor, and the ordinary machine conveyor belt is an ordinary plastic conveyor belt. It runs at high speed and the belt is easy to break, which makes your production inconvenient and increases maintenance costs. We have this sealing machine with metal chain conveyor, wear-resistant and stable operation.

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